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My name is Jacob. I'm a lover of the outdoors,
a connoisseur of tacos, and a jackalope enthusiast.
I also tend to write. A lot.
Stories, songs, ads, abundant grocery lists,
and everything in between.

Dang, that's a cool resume.

Get the heck outta here...



I've got a hankerin' for...

Denim (see above)


All of the bacon and eggs you have.

Ron Swanson quotes.

Fishin' for big ole bass. 

Watching way too much football. 

Drawing things to hang on the fridge.

Petting literally all of the dogs.

Water balloon fights.

Making folks smile.

Disliking things.


Bad WiFi connections.

Running out of hot water.

When guac costs extra. 

Forgetting that thing you were just thinking of.


Chips breaking off into the salsa.

Season-ending cliffhangers...

Jacob Wayne Cox Resume-01.jpg
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